Importance of wearing the right bra size
25 Nov

Importance of wearing the right bra size

Did you know the term ‘Bra’ means support? Ever wonder what the benefits of wearing the right size bra can give you?

Here are a few facts that we observed in our 78 years of experience.

1. Gaining or losing weight definitely means a change in your bra size

2. A perfect size bra drops a size in your dress! Are you listening, ladies ? !

3. It is best to wear nude shades under white or cream clothes

4. Sleeping in a bra will not help you retain your body shape. It is rather healthier to wear a cotton bra without underwire or lace

5. Just like all things good, your bra comes with an expiry date as well. Branded bras have a durability of about 50-60 washes whereas the cheaper ones last for about less than 50 washes

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